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Project Description

1. Taygeta.Core allows rendering YUV and RGB pixel formats using Direct3D 9 runtime. You can also apply shaders and add text, line, bitmap and video overlays.

2. Taygeta.Imaging namespace contains classes for saving, loading, converting, resizing and cropping YCbCr (YUV) planar and packed images. Most of the functionality implemented by the outstanding swscale library from the FFMPEG project.

3. Taygeta.Processing namespace provides classes for building versatile, multi-threaded video processing pipelines and networks.

4. Taygeta.Compression namepsace contains classes for still image and intra-frame compression using JPEG (libjepg, libjpeg-turbo) and JPEG2000 (jasper) algrorithms.

5. XAudio2 audio rendering engine available for both C++ and C# usage.

The sample application contains most functionality exposed by the API :

  • GPU color/space conversion and stretching
  • Vertex and pixel shader support
  • Supported pixel formats : RGB15, RGB16, RGB32, ARGB32, YUY2, UYVY, YV12, NV12
  • Line, rectangle, polygon, text and bitmap overlays
  • Vertical and horizontal flipping, rotation and digital zoom effects using shaders 



The sample application based on the nVLC library. The HUE function in the pixel shader taken from here

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